2 months ago

Tips For Prepping Five Minute Fillers

Every teacher has those times once you need 5 minutes to consider attendance, talk to a colleague, or answer a call in the office. It's a practical thing to know and doesn't really take very much effort so as to become sufficient enough to stick s read more...

2 months ago

Adaptive reuse: Old churches remodeled into homes, offices, nightclubs

Story highlightsHomeowners share joy and pain of renovating churches into homes Religious buildings have been adapted into homes, offices, restaurants, nightclubs"You need to understand the architectural quality of the space," architect saysOwners read more...

2 months ago

Text alert: Your basement is flooding

Flood and water damage can be a homeowner's worst nightmare. Burst or leaky pipes can be costly: It costs an average of $20,000 to repair water leaks from plumbing failures, according to the ACE Private Risk Services. The same 2011 study found tha read more...

2 months ago

No Lie, Jayson Blair's New Job: Life Coach

Jayson Blair knows his new profession - life coach - smacks some people in the face like a bad punchline.

"People say, 'Wait a minute. You're a life coach?' That makes no sense,"' says Blair, the ex-journalist best known for foisting plagia read more...

4 months ago

Apartment For Rent In Cannes Possess A Better Stay

Few of the many reasons are stated above regarding why Online real Estate Services are gaining popularity.. They are an ideal choice for your DIY'er which will save on installation costs. The landlord gains by without having to keep your apartment read more...

4 months ago

House For Rent By Owners

Many gains display themselves towards the beginning expert. So as effortlessly businesses, take being a landlord seriously and stay together with trends. Mar 15, 2017.